The word ‘core’ is defined as the central or most important part of something. And we started with that mission in mind, to be at the core of change in the snacking world.

We believe there are too many snacks out there that are tired, stale and don’t feed the modern need. We reject that status quo and strive to re-imagine snacking that’s better than what we’ve been given. We’ve been a food force to be reckoned with since our early days as a brand founded on the premise that fresh ingredients and perspectives are best, so we promise to continue to overturn the old to reconnect with what matters to you.

We’re committed to the snacking revolution. We want to create better stuff: bold, innovative, and quality snacks designed around what you want and saying screw the status quo at every turn.

Xoxo -

CORE Foods

Screwing the Status Quo Since 2019!