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Our low sugar Chocolate Truffles are perfectly poppable with 1g or less of sugar per serving.


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The original CORE bars, made only with real ingredients you can see, probiotics, and no added sugar.

Oat Bars + Probiotics

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Our delicious Oat Bars with lions mane & reishi mushrooms support stress relief anytime.

Oat Bars + Adaptogens

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Tastes so good you won't know its keto! Our CORE Keto Bars are low net carb and contain no added sugar.

Keto Bars with Probiotics

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These bite size mini bars go with you anywhere - never have another snack-mercgency!

Keto Bites

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look who's talking


“One of the Healthiest Granola Bars on the Market, According to Our Nutritionist”


“CORE Bars strike the perfect balance of bite-worthy texture and incredible flavor.”


“So tasty they can double as dessert!”


“Bachelor Nation's Dylan Barbour Wants You to Try ASAP.”


“Salty and sweet flavor combination classic pairing that will make every bite blissful.”


“Keto-friendly that really satisfies that “sweet” craving”

why CORE?

We're tired of crappy healthy snacks that taste like… well, you know.

So we're on a mission to finally achieve it - snacks that are full of the good, none of the added sugar, and ACTUALLY taste great. See what some of our biggest fans have to say.

chloe kim

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

“Partnering with brand I care about and enjoy eating is important to me. CORE’s flavors are delicious and they use real ingredients that you can actually see in all their products. I'm proud to partner with them and can't wait for everyone to see what we have in store!”

Toby Miller

US Ski & Snowboard Team

“CORE Foods have been a game changer for my training. Whether I’m on the mountain or in the gym, I know I can rely on them to get me through the day!”

Jamie Chung


“CORE bars are my go-to snack, fueling me for all that life throws my way. Whether it’s mom on-the go with the boys or during a grueling work day-CORE's whole food-derived, high protein bars are just what I need to stay at the top of my game”