We don't
Snack by
The rules


Taste That Isn't a Compromise

Too many snacks out there swap good taste for something ‘good for you’. Well that’s stupid, you should be able to have both! We banished the bland in better for you snacks and took the time to create nutritious snacks that won’t make you settle for subpar flavor.

Ingredients That Aren't Average

Cheap, animal based ingredients? No freaking whey! It’s easy being green so that's what we do. Only plant-based ingredients, all the time. And trust us unless GMO stands for gloriously, mouthwateringly original…then you won’t find any in our products.

Nutrition That Isn't Clinical

Food isn’t economics, so we don’t obsess over macros. We make damn good tasting snacks that focus on ingredients and the natural nutrition they provide so you get a balance of fiber, protein, and more. And we do it all while keeping sugar low. Pretty sweet right?

Focus Fueled From Within

We bring the fuel to the fire. Our snacks are re-imagined staples with unique benefits designed to help you live your fullest life. Our mission is to ensure your body is fueled & your mind is focused so you can fight bigger battles and take on the world.

We've Raised
The (Snack) Bar

Can your nutrition bar do this?

CORE Bars are the breath of fresh air those stale, old nutrition bars needed. We’ve pushed the limits of what a nutrition bar can do and designed a bar with fiber for fullness, vitamins for wellness and probiotics for gut health.

Plus, the only thing dry about us is our sense of humor. The fridge freshness provides the softest texture you’ve ever tried.

Don't Like How the
Cookie Crumbles?

Then try something that's better.

CORE Crunchy Oatmeal Bites were created to fight the emptiness of classic cookies. High in prebiotic fiber and low in sugar, these sweet snacks will keep you full without the crazy sugar crash you’ve come to expect.

Finally a cookie that’s a crunch above. A snack that won’t slow you down because you’ve got stuff to do.  

Keto Doesn't Have
to Taste Crappy

We're here to cancel carbs, not taste.

CORE Keto Bars have only 3g of net carbs and 0g of added sugar so you can eat nutrition bars again without having to compromise for that cardboard flavored crap. Here, we use premium ingredients that actually have flavor.

You’re over carbs, and we’ve over carbon copies. So try something different that won’t let you down.

Dessert Without
Ditching Your Diet

Too much sugar ain't so sweet.

CORE Keto Brownie Bites keep the good in baked goods. A keto diet doesn’t need to be a dessert desert. With only 90 calories, 1g of net carbs, and no added sugar you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying these.  

Don’t settle for a life without sweetness, but unlike those other guys, we’ll give it to you without all the sugar.