try our best selling
oat bar flavors

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$24 $18.00

try our
best selling
oat bar flavors

use promo code: TRY25
limited time only

$24 $18.00

look who’s talking

  • “One of the Healthiest Granola
    Bars on the Market, According
    to Our Nutritionist”

  • “So tasty they can double
    as dessert!”

  • “Bachelor Nation's Dylan Barbour
    Wants You to Try ASAP.”

  • “Salty and sweet flavor combination
    classic pairing that will make
    every bite blissful.”

  • “Keto-friendly that really
    satisfies that “sweet” craving”

  • “CORE Bars strike the perfect
    balance of bite-worthy texture
    and incredible flavor.”

    Don’t Snack The Status Quo

    CORE Bars are a fresh take on stale, old nutrition bars. They are high in fiber but made with no added sugar so you can feel full, not full of sugar! Plus, they’re made with delicious 100% plant-based ingredients including prebiotic fiber and probiotics to support your gut health. You’ll find CORE Bars in the fridge because they don't use additives or preservatives – just quality, real food.

    what's in a best seller
    variety pack?

    Fall in love with your fave by trying four of our most popular flavors.

    8 bars
    Blueberry Banana Almond x 2 bars
    Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip x 2 bars
    Coconut Chocolate Chip x 2 bars
    Dark Chocolate Cherry x 2 bars

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    4 reasons why you'll love
    CORE oat bars

    1. superior nutrition

    Why settle for sub-par? Trade in your empty snacks for those ready to fill you up with real plant-based goodness, designed to work harder to keep you full and fueled, no matter your lifestyle.

    2. gut healthy

    It's time for a gut check. As in, check if your snacks are good for your gut. Spoiler alert - ours are! We use ingredients like probiotics, prebiotic fiber, and whole grains to take care of your core.

    3. refrigerated just
    tastes better

    Dry & crumbly? Not in our vocabulary. Soft & flavorful? Those we're familiar with! Our bars are refrigerated for freshness. One bite and you’ll taste the difference.

    4. certified by the best

    We pride ourselves on keeping it clean, but don't just take our word for it! We've got the certs from the experts. All that's missing is certified delicious, but we'll leave that up to you!

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      400+ 5 star review

      • The best tasting bars I have had so far. ALL the flavors taste so good and are different than your average store brand bar.

        Tiffany S.
      • Love these and the variety box is a great option to switch up for different flavors !!

        Amy H.
      • Love every flavor. Great breakfast for those who need to get out of the door quickly.

        Anthony M.
      • These bars are so delicious. They are perfect for breakfast or a daytime snack. Can’t say enough good things about Core!

        Jenna O.

      us vs. them

      certified organic

      refrigerated for

      no added sugar

      probiotic +
      prebiotic fiber

      certified vegan

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