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About our oats: Smith Family

Our Whole grain Organic Gluten Free Oats are farmed in Western Colorado by the remarkable Smith family. Three generations of Smiths suffered from celiac disease. But their health transformed when they moved to a GF diet in 1990. Their son Forrest, who was diagnosed at age two, became determined as a teenager to develop a safe source of uncontaminated oats. His desire led to an Future Farmers of America entrepreneur project, which is now the world’s leading Organic Gluten-Free Oat farm. Every batch is tested to 10 parts per million (ppm) for Gluten and Certified by the GFCO. In 2013 23 acres of these incredible oats were planted just for CORE. When these grass seeds are harvested in September, the oat groat is cracked using stonerollers to make the nutrients more available. Then the outside is briefly steamed to re-seal the husk. These oats make the up the hearty complex carbohydrate base that is at the foundation of the long lasting energy in a CORE Meal.