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Our Metrics

The most important thing we measure is our IMPACT.

We measure our success across 4 categories:  

Healthy Business

As a Certified B Corporation, we’re leading a movement of businesses that value how much they can give over how much they can take. We are rated every year on over 200 tests of social and environmental responsibility.

Healthy Food

We make only fundamentally nourishing foods with no syrup, salt, flour, oil, additives, or preservatives. We purchase only 100% organic ingredients from farmers at the cutting edge of sustainability. We focus on increased access.

Healthy People

100% of our food is made right here in Oakland, CA. We donate tens of thousands of CORE Meals to families in need, hire preferentially from workforce development, and source from low income farmers through our partnership with Mandela Foods.

Healthy Planet

We use American-made non-toxic, recycled, and/or low-waste packaging. We compost, recycle, and re-use whenever possible. We offset our remaining carbon footprint through