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Core Meal +Whey Almond Raisin (10 Meals)-1200

Core Meal +Whey Almond Raisin (10 Meals)-1200




A cinnamon roll's other body building brother

Looking to get ripped the natural way? Simple, powerful ingredients like California-grown almonds, sun-dried raisins, and a hint of ground cinnamon combine into a fully balanced meal boosted with 17g of Organic Whey Protein. Like what real food tastes like? This is it. No syrups or additives to get in the way.

CORE Meals are the original 100% organic & gluten free ready-to-eat pre-packaged meals to go that don’t contain any junk--just whole foods. Perfect for breakfast, workouts, travel, outdoors, busy days, and anytime you need a rock-solid, deeply nourishing meal on the go.

Uncompromising in ingredient quality and freshness, CORE Meals are perishable, because, duh, real food goes bad. Store frozen and thaw for 10 minutes before eating. Take anywhere for 1 week on the go.

10 CORE Meals per box. 

Ingredients: Organic Gluten-Free Oats, Organic Raisins, Organic Raw Almonds, Organic Whey Protein Concentrate, Filtered Water, Organic Vanilla Beans, and Organic Cinnamon