Best Foods For Fueling Winter Sports & Activities

Best Foods For Fueling Winter Sports & Activities

Getting psyched up for skiing, skating, and all of the fun sports and activities that winter has to offer? Us too. Wintertime brings us the perfect weather to have some fun in the snow or ice while bundled up with friends.

But with all of the awesomeness that wintertime activities has to offer, there are some downsides that people may experience if they aren’t careful. From getting muscle soreness to experiencing dry skin to coming down with a nasty cold thanks to the cold weather, participating in wintertime sports and activities can come with some unsavory effects.

The good news is that including certain foods in your diet during the chilly months may help you feel your best when you are hitting the slopes or simply taking a stroll around the neighborhood to check out the holiday lights. If you are ready to enjoy everything that the winter has to offer, here are some foods that you should keep on your radar.


It should come as no surprise that CORE Bars top our list of best snacks to enjoy in the wintertime. Between the prebiotic fiber, the probiotics, the healthy fats, and the plant-based proteins that these bars provide, enjoying them not only offers long lasting sateity but also gut health-support, immune-support, and a slew of other benefits. For the ultimate wintertime snack that helps fuel up for winter sports and activities, CORE Bar Limited Batch Marshmallow Hot Chocolate bars are chock-full of wintertime flavor with all of the goodness that you would expect from CORE Bars. Made with zero added sugar, plant-based protein, and full of fiber, these limited edition bars are a perfect snack to keep in your purse or pocket when you know you will have an active day.


Salmon and other oily coldwater fish are some of the best sources of a unique omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. This healthy fat is linked to reduced inflammation, cardiovascular health support, and more. And during the wintertime, one of the most noteworthy benefits linked to this fat is that consuming adequate amounts may help combat dry skin. Of course, keeping your skin moisturized, using a humidifier, and avoiding extremely hot showers and baths can help keep your skin moist too.

Sweet Potatoes

Wintertime activities call for lots of energy. And there are few foods that are as good of a source of natural energy as sweet potatoes. From the carbohydrates that it provides to the energy-supporting micronutrients that it offers (like potassium), including these spuds in your wintertime dishes can help you keep up your energy levels when you are doing what you love.

Sweet potatoes are also one of the best natural source of beta carotene, a nutrient that supports our immune health and protects the skin.


Many of our favorite wintertime activities require us to use our muscles. And because of this, some major muscle soreness can occur. Including pomegranate, or pomegranate juice, in your diet can offer some relief. One study showed that consuming pomegranate juice is linked to reduced muscle soreness among weightlifters. And for some, reduced muscle fatigue was experienced as well.


Good old fashioned water is one of the most important things you should be putting in your body during the colder months. We will acknowledge that water isn’t technically a “food”, but it is something that we consume that is incredibly important during this time of the year, especially if you are active. Even though it is cold outside, we can sweat quite a bit when we are participating in wintertime sports, and not having enough hydration in our body can result in dehydration, which is no fun to deal with.

The Best Foods For Wintertime Activities

If you are a lover of cold-weather activities, then there is no doubt that wintertime is your favorite. The balance of the coziness of being indoors and the fun to be had when enjoying the season makes for a great time. And to make your season even more enjoyable, eating to support some common effects of the winter months can certainly be a positive addition. From enjoying gut health-supporting CORE Bars to sipping on pomegranate juice to support muscle soreness to simply drinking more water to maintain hydration, including certain foods can have a profound impact on how your body handles the winter activities.

~Lauren Manaker MS, RDN, LD

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