5 Ways CORE Foods Defies the Snacking Status Quo

5 Ways CORE Foods Defies the Snacking Status Quo

It’s 2022, technology is moving at a rapid pace and the world is changing around us everyday. So why does it feel like our snacks are stuck in the '80s? Walking down the aisles of a grocery store can feel like you’re in a time machine, surrounded by lackluster products from the ‘Big Food’ guys who ultimately just care about the bottom line. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to settle for subpar, and that’s why we exist. We want to create better stuff, innovative and quality snacks designed around what you want and saying screw the status quo at every turn.

We believe rules were meant to be broken so here’s a few rules we’re proud to break so you don’t have to snack the status quo

1. Nutrition bars are shelf stable

Ever clean out an old purse or backpack and find a nutrition bar that’s been there for who knows how long? Well chances are, if you open that bar, it’d be the same as the day you bought it. What’s with that? You deserve better than that, so we created CORE Bars and CORE Keto Bars, fresh nutrition bars from the fridge made with quality ingredients and no preservatives. 

2. Nutrition bars have to have lots of protein to be worth eating

Protein is important, don't get us wrong, but that shouldn’t be the only nutrient that matters. No one calls fruit a bad snack because it doesn’t have lots of protein and we feel the same about nutrition bars. All our bars have 5-10g of plant-based protein but also have lots of other nutrients you need like fiber, fat, and vitamins.

3. Snacks needs lots of sugar to taste good

We’ve all heard the news: sugar is the new smoking. That isn’t to say sugar should never be enjoyed, but it shouldn’t be lurking in foods designed to be better for you. We don’t add sugar to any of our nutrition bars because honestly what’s nutritious about 17g of added sugar (cough cough, Clif Bar)?

4. Snacks won’t keep you full

There’s a reason the expression ‘empty snacking’ exists…there are too many snacks out there that are all style, no substance. We’re fighting back with fiber. All our snacks include a hefty serving of prebiotic fiber which will keep you full long past your last bite. Check out our Crunchy Oatmeal Bites for a cookie that’ll keep you full, not full of sugar. 

5. Keto snacks don’t taste good

There are only so many avocados & cheese slices a person can snack on before going crazy. But when it comes to ready to eat keto snacks, there aren’t many other options that actually taste good. We took the time to develop the best tasting keto snacks inspired by classic carb-y favorites, like our Keto Brownie Bites, that utilize premium ingredients that don’t make you compromise for net carbs. 

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