5 Healthy Reasons to Celebrate World Chocolate Day

5 Healthy Reasons to Celebrate World Chocolate Day

Indulging in chocolate can be a good for you habit with CORE Foods

Chocolate has gotten a bad rap over the years – and honestly, it’s undeserved. The right chocolate snack or dessert can be delicious, low in sugar, and contain healthy fats, which is a plus, not a minus for you and your diet. And if it is made like how CORE Foods is, with superior nutrition thanks to functional ingredients like whole grains, prebiotic fiber and probiotics, you and your insides will be happy and healthy. While eating more than the recommended amount per day (30-50 grams) counteracts any potential weight loss plan or overall healthy diet, eating the right type of chocolate can add to your nutritional intake. The next time you find yourself craving a touch of chocolatey goodness, reach for CORE’s Dark Chocolate Cherry CORE Bar or a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt CORE Keto Bar, you’ll be glad you did.

1. A Nibble of Chocolate Can Lift a Low Mood 

You’re not imagining things…a small bite of chocolate does bring on the feel-good vibes. It’s proven that chocolate can increase the amount of tryptophan entering the brain, which boosts the brain’s serotonin for an overall better mood. As an added bonus, chocolate also contains small amounts of phenylethylamine, which stimulates your brain cells to release dopamine, providing feelings of pleasure and reward. 

2. Eating Dark Chocolate Can Help You Lose Weight

As nutty as this sounds, consuming a sensible amount of dark chocolate can help control your appetite and aid weight loss. In Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, neuroscientist Will Clower, Ph.D., makes the case for eating a small portion of dark chocolate before or after meals to trigger hormones that signal to your brain that you’re full. 

3. A Better Quality Chocolate Has Health Benefits

We’re not being food snobs when we say this. The facts don’t lie, dark chocolate contains 2-3 times more flavanol-rich cocoa solids compared to milk chocolate, making it superior in terms of antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron. All this supports good heart health and may even contribute to better sleep quality, making your average snack craving something that’s actually good for you. 

4. Chocolate Can Be Nutritionally Superb

Your average chocolate bar is just empty calories packed with gut-wrecking sugar. CORE Bars in flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cherry, as well as Dark Chocolate Sea Salt CORE Keto Bar strikes the right balance between a sweet and indulgent snack but one that maximizes its plant-based goodness with probiotics and prebiotic fiber. 

5. The Right Chocolate Snack Curbs a Sweet Tooth

You know the feeling, you’re craving chocolate but you’ve just finished a 5 mile run, and you don’t want to undo everything good that you’ve just accomplished. CORE Bars can supercharge your health while delivering the sweet, indulgent goodness you know and associate with chocolate. We do it by eliminating added sugars, while pairing its cocoa goodness with ingredients like cherries and sea salt to enhance the overall flavor. 

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